Weathering Shame

by Kevin Mannix and Linda Rota


july 22, 2016

hello to each and every one of you! thank you for reading my very 1st blog. it is stepping into unknown territory for me. the advice i have been given is to “write from my heart.” ok, i can do that. i hope my heart makes sense to you, the reader, and that my message is clear.

kevin and i want this 1st blog to be reflections on our 1st year of doing our book tour. the only word to describe this year is AMAZING. our book came out about one year ago. we have done 73 events, everything from libraries to churches to schools to clubs to outdoor events, to talk about our book and facilitate conversations about shame and stigma. we have been east, west, north and south, seeing the state of maine from many unique perspectives. we have seen eagles, wild turkeys, deer and many beautiful lakes, mountains and historic towns and buildings.

most important, we have been HONORED to share our stories with the most amazing audiences. whether it be a small crowd of 10 or a large crowd of 200, we are continually overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity of our fellow mainers and their desire to talk about shame and stigma. and we get to hear your stories, and be part of your world for a short while. every single event leaves us speechless, shaking our heads, often overwhelmed with joy, gratitude, and respect for each person who sits with us. we fall in love with each event and the conversations that happen, and we take those memories with us in our hearts and minds. people often share a story or thought with such truth and grace that kevin and i are simply taken back.

we thank every person who reached out to invite us to their town. we thank each person who came to see us, and all those who shared painful, yet beautiful, life struggles. our struggles make us real and make our joys sweeter. it has been OUR HONOR to come to you, share our stories, and get the conversation going. together, let’s make this 2nd year as wonderful as our 1st. kevin and i truly feel blessed to tour the great state of maine (and beyond!) and look forward to many more amazing events. make sure you check out the tab “upcoming appearances” to follow us.

talking about shame and stigma has never been better.

linda XO


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