Weathering Shame

by Kevin Mannix and Linda Rota


Our book can be purchased at our speaking engagements, where we will be happy to autograph your copy for you. 


... thank you for giving so many hope... keep on spreading your knowledge... you have no idea how much it is needed.
— a reader, Portland
Both of you have inspired me not to hide anymore and what will be is what should be. I admire your courage and strength to share your stories. I am sure it has helped many people to come out from hiding. I know it has done this for me.
— a reader, Limington, Me.
Weathering Shame is one of the most powerful books that I have ever read. It spoke to me, deep down in my heart. It is very possible that your book is a life-changer for me.
— a reader, Maine
Thank you for your courage to write about the topic of shame. I know the deep shame that you write about and it often makes me feel that I am alone. Your book is a good reminder that I am not alone and that there are other people who understand shame.
— a reader, N.H.

Embrace your struggle.


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