Weathering Shame

by Kevin Mannix and Linda Rota


We are available for speaking engagements and would love to share our important message with your organization, school, business, meeting, group, or event! There is NO person untouched by struggles and the message is appropriate for everywhere and for anyone.

Our hour-long presentation consists of:

  • introduction: general outline of event, information on mental health resources

  • sharing of book highlights and stories, including the impact of emotional struggles on daily functioning, choices, the challenge of reaching out for help

  • the passion behind the book, some statistics on shame and stigma as barriers to accessing help for emotional recovery/wellness

  • passing out of quotes for audience to read (those willing). quotes are from readers of the book, viewers of a local t.v. series called “Kevin’s Story” and past event attendees. all quotes are poignant, heartfelt feedback about issues of shame and stigma in the writer’s life, making the issue universal and deeply meaningful.

  • wrap up: conversation, questions, ideas, connections, book selling/signing



We charge a speaker’s fee which is adjustable if needed. We hear over and over that our message is clear and offers much-needed hope and encouragement and is presented in a fun and lively way. DON’T MISS OUT! OFFER A UNIQUE WAY TO GET THE MESSAGE OUT THAT EVERYONE STRUGGLES AT SOME POINT IN THEIR LIVES…AND THERE IS HELP AND HOPE! Hundreds of people have shared that our talk has inspired them to seek help and/or be more compassionate towards others who may be struggling with an issue hard to talk about.

Past Appearances Include:

  • Health Affiliates of Maine Annual Consortium 2015 - Keynote Speakers

  • Bangor Public Library

  • Auburn Business Association

  • Windham Correctional Center

  • Senior Plus Education Center, Lewiston

  • Chamber of Commerce Breakfast

  • Sanford Rotary Club

  • Boothbay Memorial Library

  • Moxie Festival, Lisbon

  • Fort Fairfield High School

  • UNE School of Social Work - Featured Speakers

  • Guilford NH Public Library

  • Federal Retired Employees, Scarborough

  • Radio Interview WCME, Brunswick

  • Wiscasset High School, Wiscasset - Diversity Day

  • Augusta Unitarian Universalist Church, Augusta



Please contact us if you have any questions.


Write to us at:   Weathering Shame, P.O.  Box 3712, Portland, Maine 04104

Weathering Shame, a personal journey of shame and stigma, is an autobiography penned by two well respected professionals, Kevin Mannix and Linda Rota.

Kevin Mannix (2016 Maine Broadcaster of the Year) is best known as one of Maine's most popular television weathermen and Linda Rota, LSW, has been a well-respected social worker for more than 30 years.  In our book Weathering Shame, we openly share feelings of shame and stigma that resulted from growing up exposed to alcoholism, severe depression and suicide, and the struggles encountered and valuable insights learned. Our goal is two-fold: to encourage others to embark on their own journey of emotional recovery/wellness (if desired) & to encourage society to be more compassionate and less stigmatizing about any issue that has shame and stigma attached. Linda writes: “Throughout my life, a passion of mine has been to encourage others not to be embarrassed by their story, embrace their struggle, and push through the shame and stigma so they can live more fully and be true to who they really are in their hearts.”

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